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This may have happened today… :D

This may have happened today… :D

You have a beautiful scapula

Why thank you! :D

Stupid arm! You are meant to be in that empty socket, not down the bottom lying on my rib cage! No wonder it hurt when I tried to walk it off!

Stupid arm! You are meant to be in that empty socket, not down the bottom lying on my rib cage! No wonder it hurt when I tried to walk it off!

All grown-ups were once children - but only few of them remember it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince

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Sling or no sling

Regardless of my arm and the fact my mouth feels weird after an extraction yesterday, I’m still rocking a three piece suit and a pocket watch on a chain.

Neon cripple got style!

Fears and sadness

Today it seemed like everywhere in looked, both in real life on the streets of Brizzle and London, and online from twitter to tumblr to Facebook, there were people running and running well.


I have had issues with twitter for a while. Jealousy issues. It seems like everyone I know is doing great and setting PBs whilst I have just gone backwards.

Now? Well now I can’t run at all. So my jealousy goes through the roof.

And so too does my fear. After my ankle, when I went back to rugby there was always a niggling doubt in my mind that something could happen again. Any feeling of invulnerability was shattered.

What if the same happens with running? All it was, was a 2.5 mile run to work. Yet a slight stumble turned to a fall which caused a dislocated shoulder and serious pain. There’s a chance of the shoulder now being more susceptible to such injuries from hereon. It could cause every run to be tension filled and uneasy.

Running very much defines me. It is the mask I so often wear in public and through which I sometimes earn respect. If in lose that, then what?

And i have another fear. The fear that drives me: a fear of failing. I am not motivated by dreams of succeeding, but by a gnawing desire not to fail. This injury has already destroyed one race. It may yet take out then challenge. And i don’t want to fail that challenge. Not after telling people about it.

And so when I am reminded of what has happened and the path to recovery and the very real risk of not being able to train for (and therefore complete) the challenge… It makes me very sad and fills me with self pity.

When a huge part of you is taken away, the void it leaves is hard to fill, even for someone who tries as I do to be optimistic.



More than a thousand soldiers from the Household Division were on parade to mark the Queen’s Official Birthday on 14th June 2014 on Horse Guards Parade, at the ceremony known as Trooping the Colour. The Royal Colonels (The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge, and The Princess Royal) also rode on the parade.

There were more than 200 horses on parade, and more than 400 musicians from all the Household Division Bands and Corps of Drums marched and played as one. The famous Drum Horses of the Mounted Bands with their immaculately waxed moustaches were also on parade.

All the Soldiers paraded in the traditional ceremonial uniforms of the Household Cavalry, Royal Horse Artillery, and Foot Guards. Many more were working behind the scenes to ensure this, the most important parade of the year, went smoothly. 

Images by British Army Photographers; Crown copyright

It was the turn of Nijmegen Company of the Grenadier Guards to troop the colour at this year’s event on 14 June. More than a thousand soldiers from the Household Division marched onto Horse Guards Parade to mark the Queen’s official birthday and they were accompanied by the Royal Colonels (the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and the Princess Royal).

Proof again that for pomp and pageantry, we kick arse!

We’re all on the brink of despair, all we can do is look each other in the face, keep each other company, joke a little… Don’t you agree?

The Great Beauty (2013)

La grande bellezza (original title)

Paolo Sorrentino (director)

The quote is spoken by the character Jep Gambardella

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Up first

There is something amazing about getting up whilst the love of your life still sleeps.

It means a beautiful suspense.

How long until you see her again?

Will she be as beautiful as you recall, as gorgeous as she was yesterday?

Will today still hold the same wonder for your loved one and you as yesterday, or more?

And then, eventually, the suspense is broken.

You see her again.

And she is even more beautiful than your mind could dream, let alone remember.

This is love.